Hikable Carinthia

Wonderful diverse mountains and nature

Panorama hiking at the Saualpe

With a fantastic view from Slovenia all the way down to Italy and to our beautiful federal state neighbor Styria

Walkable Carinthia

Over the mountains and down the valleys, thru to floors and fields

Hikable Carinthia

On the top of the mountains, down to the valleys or over sticks and stones: hiking is for everyone. The mountains and the nature bring lots of diversity to you, wether its a barren karst, rich alp-fields and woods, or even crystall clear tarns.

Panorama hiking at the Saualpe

You can have a beautiful view at the saualpe and it even extends from the Triglav to Grebenzen. More than 100 km of hikingpaths with enjoyable places and spots where you are able to get some fresh energy are inviting you to come around and explore. Remarkable cabins are waiting for you with a good traditionell austrian "Jause" (sausages,bacon,homemade bread and more...) Athletes (for example Ironman, Marathonrunner or hockey player) have discoverd the Saualpe as an ideal place for themselfes and their sports program.

Our hiking-specials for you

  • Hiking map rental
  • Hikingpaths starts directly infront of the panorama village saualpe
  • Hiking stick rental
  • Secret tipps and tricks from the owners
  • A cabin at 1.500 m height that's opened for beverages and food
  • Beautiful walkingpaths

From Chantrelles and Cranberries

Not only the good mood is thriving at the saualpe, there are plenty of chantrelles and cranberries at our property that you are allowed to collect. but keep in mind that you leave some for others too.

Favorite routes and hikingpaths

  • Hiking to the carinthian folks song house, a small treasure of the carinthian song art and poetry in Eberstein (with informations about the folks composers Mulle, Glawischnig and Mittergradnegger). The re-desigend elementary school is now home of carinthian songs, music, dialect, written language and regional traditions. Cultural history as an outstanding experience for everyone.
  • Norish panorama path
    Diex – Gretschitz – Brückl / norish castle hike / St.Oswald – Lölling
  • Saualmhöhenweg (Saualm heights path)
    Mirnig (Wolfstratte – Karawankenblick) – Kleiner Sauofen – Steiner Hütte
  • The experience path is conecting Eberstein with St. Oswald. 24 stations are linked to the geomancy (revelation of earth) and "Radiästhesie" (Route tour).
  • Herbs-garden hike St. Oswald
    (only 5 minutes away from the panorama village Saualpe)
  • Kneippshower
  • water rest place Grabenköhler
    According to the 5 pillars of health from Sebastion Kneipp
  • Former silver mine - silver treasure path / treasure of silberbach former silver mine
     Former silver mine
  • Hike to ebersteins showplaces


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